The Birth of Crying Jordan

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This guy right here is the Greatest Basketball Player Ever.

He’s won six championships, three MVPs and number of other awards.

Globally, he’s known for his commercials, shoes and winning reputation.

But now? When you speak his name, a ‘Crying Jordan’ is attached.
Where did it come from? During his hall of fame speech.

‘Crying Jordan’ was born at 1:45 mark of his HOF speech

Why pick this particular time? Why pick on the GOAT? Some say he deserved it. Why?
Because that HOF speech was deemed egotistical and boastful.

So since then the crying meme has captured the epitome of loss in every sport.

And yesterday was the height of the ‘Crying Jordan,’ but was it the end? We may never know. But we do know that if he wasn’t one of the greatest, no one would care to use the meme nearly as much.

On Notice – Echo Park Edition

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Shot by Ryan McLaughlin

Floor Game with Norm Nixon — Episode 2

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The Floor game is Hosted by Chuck Walton and features former Lakers great and 2 time NBA Champion Norm Nixon. On episode 2, Norm talks Social Media in NBA locker rooms and Why he feels Klay Thompson may be the Best Player in the NBA. For more info follow @Eliteinsiders and @Floorgame on all social media platforms. Stay tuned for more.

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Jordan Farmar

Los Angeles Clippers Statement

The Los Angeles Clippers announced today that the team has waived guard Jordan Farmar.

Farmar, 28, leaves the Clippers after appearing in 36 games this season with averages of 4.6 points, 1.9 assists and 1.2 rebounds in 14.7 minutes per game. He has career averages of 7.7 points, 2.9 assists and 1.9 rebounds in 490 games (30 starts) in 19.4 minutes.

– END –

When I heard the Clippers were going to sign Jordan Farmar this past summer I was thinking “Is this the best we can do.” Now that we’re letting him go and as a fan I happy but the alternative is newly acquired Austin Rivers. Now he hasn’t had a great career so far but he’s Doc Rivers son so I’m guessing he knows something the rest of the league doesn’t know. Clippers fans just have to trust Doc and his system because if they can play how they played the Blazers in Portland other team need to watch out. Clippers can be a very dangerous team to face against in the playoff because of Doc Rivers. The big ‘IF’ is can they stay consistent and actually become a threat in the Western Conference.

Report: Nets discussing Brook Lopez trade with Thunder directly

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1:54 PM ET

Per Adrian Wojnarowski

Nets source: “There was nothing we liked.

11:30 AM ET

This trade should be finalized in a few hours.
Per Adrian Wojnarowski
Oklahoma City, Brooklyn progressing on a Brook Lopez package that includes Jeremy Lamb and Kendrick Perkins, league sources tell Yahoo.


The Nets are reportedly motivated to trade Brook Lopez.

That’s why their three-way trade with the Thunder and Hornets fizzling didn’t mean Lopez would stay in Brooklyn long.

Chris Broussard of ESPN:

Kendrick Perkins’ expiring contract would surely be necessarily to facilitate the deal, but it would still be difficult for Oklahoma City to aggregate enough salary to acquire Lopez while keeping the deal a straight dump for Brooklyn. The Thunder have such a deep roster, they’d almost have to include a player of value in the deal. They just don’t have enough dead weight around.

The lowest-impact deal I could…

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The Cavaliers are struggling to find a win and the Lakers aren’t the normal Lakeshow so tonight should interesting. The funny thing is I believe the Cavaliers will improve after the All-Star break but they squash all the chemistry issues they have.The problem could be the coach or maybe Lebron isn’t leading with an iron fist. Whatever it is they’ll get it together and be a force in the playoff. You’re never out of Championship contention when Lebron James is on your team. Remember he took Eric Snow, Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden to a CHIP so in the words of Mr. Headbutt aka Kevin Garnett “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”

Here’s something Adam (Editor) and I cook up for America’s Pregame today. Previewing the Lakers vs Cavaliers game tonight!


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Floor Game is a new sports talk show featuring former NBA player Norm Nixon alongside host Chuck Walton.

The show discusses historical & current NBA events.

On the inaugural episode of Floor Game, Norm gives us his point of view on his former team and their current losing state. Also, he breaks down what Kobe can do in order to help the Lakers succeed in the future.

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